Altus Foundation Board Member Taseer Badar: Helping Low Income Families in the Community Together We Can Change Lives…

The Altus Foundation, founded in 2011 by Taseer Badar, Chief Executive Officer of ZT Wealth, has launched an innovative partnership with the philanthropic wing of Monument Properties called Monument Cares, which provides services to low income families and individuals in their housing communities.  The partnership, which is geared to provide human services that stabilize and enhance various populations in low income circumstances, is poised to become an innovative model in driving self-sufficiency in households that could be considered “at risk.”

The partnership is poised to launch an innovative and revolutionary initiative called The Scorecard.  The Scorecard initiative, inspired by Taseer Badar and ZT Wealth’s entrepreneurial culture,  is a voluntary program that provides incentives to families for reaching and sustaining objectives that drive progressive behaviors and economic development.  Families will agree to a plan of action that covers a pre-determined period of time that will feature milestones like completion of a financial literacy class, obtaining and keeping employment, and driving the participation of their children in educational programming. The initiative stands to be a dynamic way of encouraging personal growth through self-generated behaviors. 

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About Altus Health:

Headquartered in Pearland, Texas, Altus Health was established in 2004 by a network of vested, forward-thinking physicians dedicated to providing the highest quality patient care at the most affordable cost. Since its inception, Altus Health has grown to a network of more than 1,600 physicians with facilities across Texas and Nevada that include a surgical hospital, surgical centers, cancer centers, imaging centers, sleep centers, inpatient and outpatient hospice care and freestanding emergency centers. Altus Health continues to push the frontier of healthcare services by developing innovative solutions for physicians, patients and communities. For more information, visit  


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