Embree Group Ushers in the New Year With Comprehensive Rebrand

Embree Group comprises three affiliated entities that work seamlessly together to provide turnkey construction, real estate development, and capital markets services nationwide. Embree Group has proudly announced a comprehensive rebrand that ushered in a new progressive era for the company. Coinciding with the company's 41st anniversary, this new development expands upon the existing brand toward future growth.

Complete with new logos, brand messaging, and an overhaul of their visual identity, the rebrand signifies a new chapter in the company's long 41-year history while still staying true to its roots. Four new logos were unveiled for Embree Group and its three companies, Embree Construction Group, Inc., Embree Development Group, Inc., and Embree Capital Markets Group, Inc. The rebrand also consisted of the renaming of the organization—from Embree Group of Companies to Embree Group—and their development entity, Embree Development Group, Inc., formerly known as Embree Asset Group, Inc.

To further showcase their new brand assets, Embree Group launched an ambitious website that hones in on user experience while further expressing the company's culture. Featuring stunning designs, engaging messaging, and a user-friendly interface, the website serves as a hub of information for each entity.

In celebration of the rebrand, Embree Group held an internal virtual event with all team members to commemorate this significant milestone. Many of the C-suite members of the companies were in attendance. Jim Embree, Chairman of Embree Group, issued the following statement:

"The Embree Group rebrand pays homage to our 40-year history while positioning the company for future growth and prosperity. This is more than a rebrand. This is the next evolution of the company, allowing us to further align our efforts and deliver unsurpassed services under a cohesive flagship brand." As the new year begins, Embree Group looks forward to using its new website and brand assets to their fullest potential. To learn more about Embree Group and experience their recent rebrand, visit www.embreegroup.com.

About Embree Group

Once named Embree Group of Companies, Embree Group is an organization with three entities that provide a wide range of real estate services, with a focus on nationwide turnkey services. The three entities include Embree Construction Group, Inc., Embree Development Group, Inc., and Embree Capital Markets Group, Inc. With over 41 years of industry experience, Embree Group has completed more than 14,000 projects since 1979. These projects served numerous industries, including restaurant, automotive, healthcare, financial, and much more. The Embree Group headquarters is currently located in Georgetown, Texas.

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