Sabeen Pirzada Named as the New Managing Partner at HRSS

HRSS welcomes Sabeen Pirzada as a Managing Partner and looks forward to the success she will bring the organization in the coming years. 

Since joining the team in 2007, Pirzada has proven herself to be an invaluable asset to HRSS, using her experience in serving businesses, private enterprises, and high-net-worth individuals to secure a Partner position in 2011. Now, her technical expertise, strategic thought process, involvement with HRSS initiatives, and hunger for success have led to this landmark promotion.

Becoming the first female Managing Partner in the firm's history comes with no small responsibility. Pirzada's new position involves taking an active role in guiding the firm's strategic direction and ensuring execution of that strategy. She is at the forefront of interacting with clients and maintaining relationships, driving new business development and acquisitions, and cultivating an organizational culture that follows HRSS's growth trajectory. Additionally, she is involved in attracting, developing, and retaining the talent critical to HRSS's success. She reported that this is the part of her job she enjoys the most.

Above all, Pirzada has been entrusted with continuing the legacy of excellent service that HRSS provides to its clients. She is committed to acting as "a tireless champion" of the HRSS corporate mission of becoming a "trusted advisor to our clients."

In the future, Pirzada hopes to lead HRSS in efforts to continue building a reputation as the "tax advisors of choice" for startups and small businesses, middle-market enterprises, family offices and multi-generational establishments. HRSS has also expanded its reach within the private equity space — helping PE firms implement tax strategies across the breadth of their fund and portfolio companies. 

Pirzada explained, "These businesses serve as the backbone of the U.S. economy — our focus is to keep growing our footprint in this niche."  

Her role as Managing Partner will allow her to further enhance the quality of the services HRSS offers clients. These improvements will empower clients to make choices that provide them financial security and support growth.

Pirzada is proud of her achievements and gratefully acknowledges the support she's received.

She shared, "I have to thank my family for their unconditional support and patience. As a working mother, only with the right support structure can you stay engaged and motivated. I also have to thank the firm and the culture created by my peers, which not only provides a supportive environment for female professionals but also provides challenging opportunities for professional development." 

For other women seeking guidance on their way up the corporate ladder, she offers this advice: "Stay hungry and stay the course. Work hard, and learn to ask for work-life balance. Happy, motivated professionals are a scarce asset, so look for an environment that allows you to be both and does not force you to make a choice. Believe in yourself and your value to an organization and never shy away from asking for equitable treatment."

Sabeen Pirzada

Source: HRSS