Versa Creative Group Builds Beautiful and Functional Websites for Al Ross Luxury Homes and WG Consulting

Versa Creative Group, founded by Mary Shekari, was thrilled to create the websites for two fantastic Houston companies, Al Ross Luxury Homes and WG Consulting.

Because both companies cater to specific audiences, they needed websites that would reflect the aesthetics that appealed to these target markets. WG, a full-service energy consulting firm, provides solutions for their clients, while Al Ross Luxury Homes builds and sells one-of-a-kind homes that are an expression of their customers. With a collaborative creative team comprised of designers, developers, and copywriters, Versa was able to build two starkly different but equally beautiful websites.

Coming up with great concepts is easy when you have great clients to work with!

Mary Shekari, Founder & Principal

“It’s a pleasure to work with local companies in Houston who really represent the opportunity and diversity of our city,” Versa Founder Mary Shekari said. “Coming up with great concepts is easy when you have great clients to work with.”

With soft, visually-pleasing colors and lines, the Al Ross Luxury Homes website was inspired by the lavish, elegant beauty of their homes. The WG Consulting website is sharp, dynamic, and fast-paced, representing the exciting and unique efficiency that they can bring to energy companies.

About Versa Creative Group:

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